Monday, 1 February 2016

...I stitch flowers...

I decided to stitch
a garden...
I have no garden where I currently live,
it's a perfectly lovely little unit,
but there are no flowers!
Needed that distraction last week,
and decided that bright
would do the trick :)
...have to say,
I'm loving the colours
and the texture of the linen :)

And it's a wee bit addictive,
this row of flowers...

...I stitch a few each night,
watch my garden grow :)
I know,
but who doesn't
feel good
when they see flowers...


I love flowers!!
I took a gazillion pictures
of quite possibly every flower I saw
when I was away last year:)
(possibly one of the reasons why
a walk in the hills or forest
often seemed to take atleast twice as long
as the recommended time??)
...they're an endless source
of inspiration...
 many yet to stitch...
So I stitch what I love,
and one of the things
I love
is flowers!
What about you...
what do you love to stitch?
Stitch what you love,
love what you stitch...
See you
Jenny xx 


  1. Glad you are making a garden for yourself..........the plus is there will be no weeding when your garden has been constructed!

  2. Jenny your stitched flower garden is just stunning! The linen you are using is a perfect backdrop for them and your stitches are beautiful! Looking forward to watching your garden grow! Christine x

  3. and you always stitch such beautiful flowers Jenny. Not only are they something you enjoy stitching but I love it when you stitch them as it makes me smile. What linen are you using?

  4. So very pretty, to create your own flower garden with so many pretty colors.

  5. Lovely work you do! I love your stiching flower garden!

  6. Your work is stunning and inspiring, I love it!
    How can I learn from you please, Im a craft in general, just for my Fsmily and friends but have been sewing for a while and just love fabrics, lace, buttons and all. I will visit your website and see more of your scrumptious stitchery. Thank you for sharing.