Friday, 26 February 2016 does your garden grow?

mine has grown
quite a lot
over the past four weeks...
I started with "sewing"
a row of beautiful
summer daisies :)
...and it just kind of grew...

 how does my garden grow?
It grows a little every day,
and now there are more than enough flowers
for one garden.
There will be two:)
Today I am at home,
working in the "garden":)
I visited a friend this week,
who has created the most beautiful garden,
over the past couple of years,
and the simple joy of walking
around her garden,
chatting about the plants
and flowers,
was all the more special
when you don't have one of your own.
My mother,
has a heavenly garden.
No matter what time of the year
it always looks so beautiful,
even in the dead of winter.
For me,
gardens have the most amazing ability
to change the way you might be feeling,
always for the better.
This was one of my favourite gardens
I visited last year
in the
 tiny French village
A beautifully recreated
medieval garden...

So when I stitch my flowers,
it feels a little like
I'm gardening,
until I can do it again
for real.
Today I've been setting the flowers
into their garden "beds",
stitching the occasional new one
to fill a gap...
and so my garden grows:)
Thank you so much for the lovely comments
left on my last post.
So very kind,
and I'm happy that my wee flowers
make you smile :)
Back to my "gardening" now :)
See you
 Jenny xx


  1. I LOVE your garden! It looks so pretty and look no weeds!
    I hope all is well :-)

  2. Your garden certainly is growing Jenny and it looks fabulous! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x